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5 Things to Consider When Shopping Flex Space Main Photo

5 Things to Consider When Shopping Flex Space

Posted: May 01, 2017 by Anna Jotham

When you’re ready to seek out a property where your organization can house its myriad needs including manufacturing functions, warehouse capability and industrial purposes under one roof, you’re looking for flex space. And while no two businesses are exactly alike, there are several aspects of flex space which you should take into consideration when you’re ready to begin your search, no matter what your industry. 

According to cbcworldwide.com, here are essentials to consider when shopping flex space. 

The property location. Of course, location is an important consideration for any property you’re looking at buying. Think about your business needs, and what’s most important from a location standpoint. What do you need to be closer to? Is it your customers, or perhaps your corporate office? Make sure the location works for you. 

The amenities that come with the property. Thoroughly check what amenities come with the property you’re considering. What improvements were made by previous tenants, and will they work for you or against you? How well is the property maintained? Be sure to also look into who will be responsible for maintenance of existing systems, whether it be the tenant or the owner, to get a full understanding of the financial burden and other expectations.

The capabilities of the property. Chances are you’ve got big plans for the property. But you’ll want to consider what the building can withstand. Do your intentions for the property align with what the property can handle? If you are planning on manufacturing goods on the property, you’ll want to look into not only what equipment will need to be installed, but also whether the power source and the building itself can support that equipment and accommodate its associated needs to function properly.

The logistics of the building’s exterior. This may, at first glance, seem unimportant. But the outside of your building also needs to be a fit for your organization’s needs. Logistically, can the exterior support your organization’s deliveries, truck traffic, customer traffic or carriers? Do you have ample parking for your staff and for future staff expansion? In addition, you’ll want to determine who is responsible for maintaining the exterior of the property.  

The size of the property. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is a vital consideration for a flex space. Maybe you’ve thought about your current space needs, but have you considered your future anticipated needs? Can the property accommodate the growth of your organization? Just as important, you’ll want to make sure the square footage of the property is properly reported, as those numbers can vary between landlords.

When you’re searching for flex space for your business, the right set up is essential to the success of your endeavors. With these five considerations in mind, you can feel secure in knowing you have thought through your organization’s most vital needs in a new property. 

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