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How to Prepare Your Commercial Property for Sale or Lease

Posted: February 28, 2017 by Anna Jotham

When it’s time to sell or lease your commercial property, it’s important to prepare it so that it makes the best impression on potential owners or tenants. Not only can prepping your property remove perceived barriers for those who are considering it, it can also show your property in the best possible light and get it off the market, or earning income, fast. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to break your budget by investing in huge changes—quite the contrary. It’s possible for you to make sure your commercial property shows well with a few targeted, low-cost strategies.


Here are some areas to focus on to up the appeal of your property to potential renters or buyers.


Eyeball the Exterior

Take a good, hard look at the outside of your building. Is there anything that stands out to you? Anything that looks sloppy, unkempt, dirty or disorganized? If it stands out to you, it will stand out to potential tenants or buyers. Pay special attention to the following:

  •     Invest in landscaping as needed to increase the property’s appeal. Make sure your landscaping looks tidy; bushes and trees should be trimmed, and the lawn should be well-manicured and healthy.
  •     Start cleaning. Power wash your building exterior. Get rid of graffiti or any other unsightly damage. Clean your windows and replace any that are cracked or broken.
  •     Make sure your roof is well-maintained; it’s important to selling or leasing your property. Repair shingles and flashing that need it. If the roof is in really bad shape, you may want to replace it.
  •     Refresh your parking area. Reseal your parking lot or loading dock surface, and repaint worn parking lines.


Warm Up the Interior

These may seem like common sense, but if you’re looking at a building all day, every day, it may be hard to see what needs to be done. Take a moment to look at the property interior with new eyes. Coldwell Banker Commercial Worldwide offers these tips:

  • Clean up the common areas. Get rid of clutter, and make sure everything is in working order.
  • If the building is under construction, keep the site clean of dirt and other debris. Give the workers some time off when showing the property to a potential buyer or tenant.
  • Was there a previous tenant? Remove commercial signs and repaint rooms with any polarizing or dated coloring.
  • Depersonalization is also important, even if the space is currently occupied by a tenant. Request that they remove personal items such as family pictures or awards, until the building is sold or leased.

Follow these simple, low-cost tips, and you’ll have tenants or potential buyers seeing themselves, and their future, in your commercial property. 

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