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Last week we introduced you to a two-part series designed to help you keep your tenants happy and your building occupied. We looked at the eight BEs to being a good landlord. This week we continue with part two, the conclusion, focusing on five tips for positive landlord-tenant communication—a key component to making it all work.   #1 It takes two. One-way communication isn’t really communication; it’s more of a monologue. If you really want to have healthy communication with tenants, you m... read more

The Eight BEs of Tenant Retention - Part 1

Posted by Anna Jotham on October 26, 2016 in  uncategorized
You know how people often say it’s a better deal to retain good employees than to go to the effort and expense of finding and training new ones? The same goes for tenants in commercial buildings. Keeping your tenants happy keeps your building occupied and your income steady.   In this first of a two-part series, we offer the eight BEs to retaining your tenants.   #1 BE nice. Successful commercial property owners are pleasant, fair-minded and understanding—even when a tenant calls at 5 a.m.... read more
The right property manager can make or break your rental property investments. They not only collect the rent, they also interact with tenants, oversee repairs and, ultimately, keep your tenants happy. Their ability to do the latter will make a huge difference in your occupancy levels. That’s why vetting them is critical; you’d be wise to spend as much time (or more) screening them as you do screening tenants.   To improve your odds of finding the right property manager for your investments, be s... read more
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