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To Find the Ideal Business Location, Get Social

Posted by Anna Jotham on November 17, 2016 in  uncategorized
It’s as true now as it always has been: when it comes to finding the right location for your business, it’s about three things. Location, location, location. But there is one marketing force that has forever changed the commercial property hunting game for today’s business owners: social media.   Gone are the days when platforms for spreading news about your business were limited to print, radio and television. Today, there’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest&... read more
As an individual, maybe you could take or leave decorating for the holidays. After all, it can be a lot of work, and after a while, even the most enthusiastic holiday lovers get tired of finding tinsel stuck to their clothes. But as a commercial building owner, decorating for the holidays can have several benefits, and experts say it’s worthwhile to consider bypassing the “Bah, humbug!” in favor of “Happy Holidays!” Here are three reasons commercial building owners should consider deco... read more
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