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As landlord of a commercial property, generating income by filling your space with long-term tenants is an ultimate priority. But far too many landlords make major mistakes along the way, which can keep them from achieving their goal. Knowing is half the battle, so here are the top commercial landlord errors that can cause leasing efforts to fall short or fail.  Not making the proper disclosures. As a commercial landlord, you may feel like you’re exempt from the burden of disclosure that resident... read more

How Capital Gains Tax Differs in Commercial Property

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For commercial property owners, capital gains tax on investment properties are no small concern. CGT is a tax that is levied against the profit earned from selling or disposing of certain assets, and that includes commercial property. The rate of tax an owner pays on a commercial property sale differs depending on a number of factors.   Understanding Capital Gains Tax on Investment Property According to www.realtor.com, “How Much Is Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate? What Homeowners Need to Know to Avo... read more
Like any investor, you’re thinking about return. And when it comes to commercial real estate, many factors can play a role on the return you reap from your investment. So whether you’re considering investing in office buildings, warehouses, industrial property, apartments, retail or mixed use properties, you want to make sure you have a handle on the factors that affect your return. So what drives higher returns? And what sinks them?   Here’s a quick look as some of the biggest factors ... read more

Comparing Your Commercial Real Estate Investment Options

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As an investor, it’s vital that you choose commercial real estate opportunities that are the best for you and your business interests. But the choices can be overwhelming; from the differing asset classes for real estate investments to the pros and cons for each, there’s a lot of information gathering and number crunching that needs to happen.  To help you on your way, we’re sharing details about the challenges and opportunities in each of the major commercial real estate investment classes,... read more

Checklist for Buying Commercial Property

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Buying commercial property is all at once exciting and—let’s be honest—potentially overwhelming. From the moment you hatch a plan to obtain commercial property to the closing date, you have many details to consider. To help you on your way, we’re providing an overview of the steps, a checklist for buying commercial property. BUYING COMMERCIAL PROPERTY — a checklist and an overview Step 1: Fully assess your vision for the commercial real estate Before you’re ready to purchase... read more
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