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Tips for Passive Real Estate Investing

Posted by Anna Jotham on September 21, 2018 in  uncategorized
Savvy commercial real estate investors know there is potential for building wealth through land and property. But perhaps the greatest potential comes from the investments which require little to no effort on your part, also known as passive real estate investing. Make money without doing much at all? Seems a dream, but some real estate investors have found a way to make it a reality. So how can you get your piece of the pie without working every precious minute of every day to maintain, repair and lease your prope... read more
According to a recent industry analysis, the industrial sector is producing double-digit returns for investors, better than all other types of property. As many investors already know, ecommerce is driving much of the activity, but it turns out there are myriad factors at play here, many of which may not seem as obvious. Whether you’re looking at getting into the warehouse game right now and want to get a better handle on the contributing factors to this surge of profitability, or if you’re just keepin... read more
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