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QUIZ: Popular CRE Terms You Should Know

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 11, 2019 in  uncategorized
Understand CRE better by understanding these terms. Commercial Real Estate (CRE), like any complex industry, comes with a lot of jargon. But it’s worth your while to know the terminology. Whether CRE is new to you, or you feel like you’re pretty savvy, here’s a chance to test your knowledge to see how well you understand some of the terms used. Let’s get started. ... read more

3 Reasons Your Office Needs Common Areas

Posted by Mikayla Zimmerman on January 25, 2019 in  uncategorized
When it comes to the modern business office, it turns out it’s not your father’s cubicle farm anymore. Not long ago, it seemed a few edgy startups and co-working spaces were designing offices that looked very different—open concept with lofted ceilings and big, multipurpose spaces. They were the kind of spaces that seemed to breathe creativity—great for marketing companies and writers, but the rest of us? Well, some of us weren’t so sure. These days, even more traditional companies are... read more
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