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3 Affiliate Partners You Want on Your CRE Side

Posted by Kristina Fore on March 04, 2016 in  uncategorized
Three Affiliate Partners You Want on Your CRE Side A commercial real estate transaction involves buyers, sellers, tenants and agents, but have you thought about the other partners you may want involved in your commercial real estate transaction? At Coldwell Banker River Valley we know a successful commercial real estate deal requires several trusted vendor contacts who can offer exceptional service for a seamless experience. Consider some of the other players may want on your side. Architect Developing and... read more

3 Myths About CRE Debunked

Posted by Anna Jotham on September 29, 2016 in  uncategorized
Myths permeate every industry, and the commercial real estate industry is no exception. In fact, whether you are a wanna-be investor, a commercial real estate owner or a tenant, chances are you've come across a few myths along the way. Here are a few common commercial real estate myths, debunked.   1. Myth: Renting is always best. No, wait, buying is always best! Truth: Everyone has a different perspective, and the decision to buy or rent commercial space should depend upon your business needs. So while yo... read more
As an individual, maybe you could take or leave decorating for the holidays. After all, it can be a lot of work, and after a while, even the most enthusiastic holiday lovers get tired of finding tinsel stuck to their clothes. But as a commercial building owner, decorating for the holidays can have several benefits, and experts say it’s worthwhile to consider bypassing the “Bah, humbug!” in favor of “Happy Holidays!” Here are three reasons commercial building owners should consider deco... read more

3 Reasons to Try Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Anna Jotham on January 31, 2018 in  uncategorized
When considering investment opportunities, commercial real estate offers an attractive alternative to the volatility of other asset classes. In fact, according to crowdstreet.com, the U.S. commercial and multi-family real estate market is widely regarded as a safe haven for investments, and as such, draws both domestic and international investors. That begs the question: could an investment in commercial real estate be right for you?  The rationale of investors who choose commercial real estate vary. S... read more

3 Reasons Your Office Needs Common Areas

Posted by Mikayla Zimmerman on January 25, 2019 in  uncategorized
When it comes to the modern business office, it turns out it’s not your father’s cubicle farm anymore. Not long ago, it seemed a few edgy startups and co-working spaces were designing offices that looked very different—open concept with lofted ceilings and big, multipurpose spaces. They were the kind of spaces that seemed to breathe creativity—great for marketing companies and writers, but the rest of us? Well, some of us weren’t so sure. These days, even more traditional companies are... read more
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